Dr. Peter Gorman and the 4YourGait Program

Don’t just walk or run… learn how to walk and run therapeutically by eliminating the asymmetries in your gait.

Through enhanced proprioceptive stimulus in the feet and simple brain or cognitive training, the body will learn how to become balanced, symmetrical and self supportive once again.

Enhanced proprioception has the instant and natural effect of improving all aspects of the gait and balance cycle. Foot Proprioception initiates all gait or movement musculature. This allows the foot to manage the contact phase in an efficient manner, naturally improving performance.

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How the 4YourGait program works:

  1. Initial Analysis using OptoGait and a balance check
  2. Intervention with Barefoot Science Insoles
  3. Reanalysis with cognitive training in the second screen
  4. Optimal Performance with a steady reduction of asymmetries in the movement cycle

Dr. Peter Gorman is the president of Microgate USA who works with everyday people as well as the world’s top athletes, team owners and doctors. He has integrated Barefoot Science proprioceptive based insoles into his 4YourGait protocols to improve performance and minimize injuries. With the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Microgate partnership everyone can now monitor their gait or movement improvements.

Barefoot Science and Microgate Partnership Press Release

You have to make sure that while you are in this cycle that you are not performing D.R.U.N.K. in your gait activation. What Dr. Gorman means by this is:

D – Dramatically
R – Reduced
U – Utilization of
N – Normal
K – Kinematics

Take the balance test now and see for yourself just how D.R.U.N.K. you are:

  • Step One: Stand on two legs and look straight ahead. (if this is too easy, then stand on left leg by bringing your right knee forward and see how well you can stand on one leg)
  • Step Two: Close your eyes.
  • Step Three: Relax and open your eyes and determine whether closing your eyes made balance more difficult to achieve. By taking away your visual system, you can better determine your level of proprioception.
  • Step Four: If balancing on one foot with your eyes closed was difficult, try BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Insoles to build strength and proprioception.
Become self supportive again, by establishing essential strength and balance.

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ helps to improve proprioception, balance and brain health with every step that you take. The BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insole patents are founded on the fact that the insoles deliver a progressive increase in proprioceptive stimulation (exercise) while wearing shoes. Over a short period of time, this allows the feet to become self supportive once again.

In fact, a recent clinical study done at Toronto East General Hospital concluded that participants experienced a “significant reduction in pain and tiredness when using the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Arch Activation Foot Strengthening System.”

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Watch Dr. Peter Gorman discuss his program.