Hospital Testing Shows Impressive Results

A pain study recently conducted by a third party at Toronto East General Hospital (one of Toronto’s busiest hospitals) concluded that the use of the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Strengthening System significantly reduces many types of musculoskeletal pain and fatigue in a working environment involving long periods of weight bearing activity.

This clinical study was conducted on personnel in the hospital’s emergency department (nurses, administrative and medical staff, who, spend most of their work day on their feet, and are physically active). The following findings from the study were reported:

• Significant decrease in fatigue of the foot

• Significant decrease in foot pain

• Significant decrease in overall fatigue

• Significant decrease in knee pain

• Significant decrease in lower back pain

• Significant decrease in shoulder pain

• Decreased pain and discomfort in the knee

• Decreased pain and discomfort in the lower back

• Decreased pain and discomfort in the shoulders

The significant statistics compiled from this study demonstrated clinical declines in pain for the feet (73% of participants), knees, shoulders, and lower back as well as declines for general fatigue (65% of participants). In terms of overall satisfaction with the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Strengthening System, 87.5% of the participants reported they thought it was “great” or “good”.

As expected, muscle activation with resultant exercise and strengthening, produces a more stable foot structure. With increased muscle strength and efficiency also comes increased management of energy within the foot resulting in less muscle fatigue, less soft tissue destruction and improved musculoskeletal alignment. The reason being, that the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ system addresses the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms, therefore providing long-term relief. The insoles stimulate, strengthen and restore optimal foot function.

This study is further proof that our system significantly reduces many types of musculoskeletal pain and fatigue; that it is proven effective rehabilitation for foot, leg, knee, back and shoulder pain.

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