Press Release: Barefoot Science & Microgate Partnership

                  Press Release: Barefoot Science & Microgate Partnership

April 12 ,2016



Barefoot Science and Microgate U.S.A. have officially announced a collaboration between the two companies.

Barefoot Science has opened its U.S. Headquarters inside the Microgate U.S.A. 7 Miller Road, Mahopac, New York facility. 

Barefoot Science and Microgate U.S.A.  have opened their first "4YourGait"  treatment facility with a team of certified clinicians headed by Dr. Peter Gorman. "Don't just walk.......... Therapeutically walk by reducing asymmetrical differences in the Gait cycle! " is the theme of the collaboration.

Over the past eighteen months the two companies have been recording game changing results  through the integration of the powerful OptoGait toolset and the patented  Barefoot Science progressive proprioceptive based insole technology.

The fundamental benefit of the Barefoot Science/Microgate U.S.A.  partnership is the ability to provide  evidenced based biomechanical gait data.  This data can be base lined and tracked over time allowing the clinician/patient to make the necessary adjustments so the most efficient and effective gait cycles can be created. 

 The Microgate/Barefoot Science proprioceptive based solutions "allows the body to learn" through stimulation of the neuromuscular receptors in the plantar surface area and the brain. 

This proven technique has been shown to help increase the proprioceptive ability of the patient, improve their balance control, and help in creating an effective cycle. 


For twenty years Barefoot Science and their team of global supporters and distributors have developed Barefoot Science foot strengthening insoles into the insole of choice for many globally respected medical  practitioners, Physical Therapists , Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Olympic & Pro athletes, Military Personnel and everyday people of all ages that suffer with foot to shoulder pain and deal with loss of performance issues that are directly related to  a dysfunctional foundation and lack of proprioception.

Barefoot Science is the only proven patented alternative to addressing the root cause of musculoskeletal pain and performance dysfunction. 

Microgate has gait assessment systems installed globally in Olympic centers , Pro Team training centers , Universities,  Hospitals, Military training facilities, High Performance facilities ,rehabilitation facilities etc..