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Facing Flat Feet with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™

Do you have flat feet? Flat feet or fallen arches occur when the arch on the inside of the foot is flattened, allowing the sole of the foot to touch the ground entirely when standing. As a result of this people with fallen arches may see the foot roll over the inner side when standing or walking, and see the feet point outwards. 

Flat feet are typically the result of the arches not developing during childhood. However, flat feet can also occur after an injury, after a pregnancy, or simply from aging, years of wear and tear can weaken the tendon that runs along the inside of the ankle that helps to support the arch. Other factors that can contribute to flat feet are obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

The BAREFOOTSCIENCE™  arch stimulating & foot strengthening system offers clinically proven aid with the pain and symptoms associated with flat feet. Our insoles naturally stimulate and strengthen the feet, optimizing performance and comfort.

How does it work?

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insoles are designed to help align the feet to their proper positioning - thus providing them with the right support to function normally, and strengthen the arch. The patented dome insert assists with the stabilization of the entire foot. This in turn rehabilitates and strengthens weakened foot muscles. 

People with fallen arches may experience pain in their feet, particularly when connecting ligaments and muscles are strained. Flat feet can also affect joints in the legs - most commonly resulting in pain in the ankles & knees, and the alteration of the alignment of the legs. Other symptoms of this foot ailment include: pain in the foot or the arch of the foot; swelling in the ankles, hip and lower back pain; stiffness in one or both feet; and shoes wearing unevenly (due to the uneven distribution of body weight which can wear the shoes more on one side than the other).

Traditional treatments for fallen arches include exercises to stretch the Achilles tendon (which is often shortened with some people who have flat feet); physical therapy and orthotic arch supports (which provide only temporary support).

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is an intelligent solution to an age-old problem that has NEVER been solved by traditional orthotics. Pain and dysfunction is caused by muscle weakness, so it follows that strengthening is the path to wellness.

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is an example of disruptive technology - advancing footwear and foot care industries for which the last century has heavily pursued technology that only braces, cushions and supports the feet. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insoles safely strengthen and stimulate the muscles and nerves from within the shoe with every step you take. 

From pro and Olympic-athletes to ER Nurses to Special forces military personnel, to a million and a half everyday people looking to enjoy pain-free mobility, BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ exists to make painless feet a permanent fixture across the globe. 

Invest in your health. Start your healing journey with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ today!

From our customers


Best thing for flat feet!
Barefoot Science has healed my plantar fasciitis. I have not been to a podiatrist in years. Once I found these insoles, I was set. They strengthen your foot muscles and worn all the time, I am pain free. I have them in most all of my shoes and boots. They last a long time too. I would highly recommend them to those of us with flat feet and heel pain. These work!

J. Mang
United States

Stick with the Program, it works!

I have issues with flat feet. My chiropractor suggested using these inserts. This is my 2nd pair and they are great! The continuous pain has decreased and now a have been able to resume my working out sessions. It does take a little bit to graduate from each number. If you stick to it, it will definitely help straighten all the ligaments around your foot, this helps lift the arch to rehab the foot.

Aaron Peek
United States

These inserts gave me back my freedom.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making this product, and for your incredible customer service.  A few years ago I made a mistake with increasing my running distance too quickly and doing so on uneven pavement, which led to a collapsed arch (quite an achievement for somebody with hereditary flat feet), posterior tibial tendonitis, and chronic ankle sprain.  It took me from running nearly every day to being unable to walk down the hall without a limp.  I wasted a few months hoping I would heal by avoiding running.  I saw orthopedic doctors, had MRIs, wore an air cast, and went to physical therapy.  Nothing helped.  Finally, I found a new physical therapist who recommended Barefoot Science to me.  I was so discouraged at that point that I honestly didn't think it would work, but I figured that at that point it couldn't hurt and I went ahead and ordered a set.  The changes started out small.  First, I could go through a workday with the inserts without limping.  Then, I could walk around my house in bare feet (no pun intended) in the evenings without pain.  I started going on short runs in the evening.  And just this weekend, three and a half months after starting the Barefoot Science program, I was able to hike and run without feeling any pain during or after the activity.  I honestly never thought that I'd be able to run again, and to top it all off the customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced.  I was unsure whether or not I was supposed to keep wearing the inserts now that my pain is gone, and my husband called the Barefoot Science help line on a Sunday evening expecting to get an answering service.  Instead, he got a real live person who answered my question, explained his answer, and even took the time to recommend a different type of shoe that I should try now that I can run again!  I'm not the type to really give testimonials or write to a company, but I really do feel like these inserts gave me back my freedom.  I tell my friends and family about them any chance I get, and I hope that Barefoot Science continues to thrive because it has made a huge difference for me and I want other people to be able to discover what I have found.

Jessica Plante

Barefoot Science Inserts are life-changing...
I don’t usually take the time to write reviews but these Barefoot Science inserts have been life-changing. I’ve struggled with a bad lower back and sore hips for years. I’ve lost weight, went to the chiropractor and it all helped but never fully alleviated the pain and discomfort. I thought about going to get some of those expensive Good Feet Store inserts but after reading the reviews I was thoroughly unimpressed. Then I discovered Barefoot Science. Who knew the cause of all my pain was related to my flat feet? I felt the benefits of these inserts immediately...so much so, I convinced myself that as soon as I take my shoes off my back and hips begin hurting. This is more mental than anything but I can attest that these inserts work as advertised. I have been on Level 5 for three weeks now and I don’t even feel them in my shoes. I’ve even noticed my feet will attempt to form a natural arch when I walk around barefoot because the muscles in my feet are noticeably stronger. I simply put them in my shoes without removing anything and my feet fit well. I bought a second pair for my running shoes and this is where I’ve noticed the most benefits. I no longer leave the gym with any pain whatsoever. If you have flat feet and a bad back, knees, hips, etc. give Barefoot Science a try. It may be the best decision you’ll make from a quality of life perspective.

Pod Peeps
United States
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