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Barefoot Science Insoles [PPT]

A new approach in the management of lower limb pathomechanics.

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"Best Insole For All Shoes"

R-U-READY? Fundamentals of Readiness

Did you know that ability to balance on one leg for 60 seconds relates to a perfect MRI of your brain. In this session, the fundamentals of readiness from both the physical and cognitive point of view will be addressed. A quick subjective self-check program will be given so that asymmetries can be identified in the movement cycle and properly corrected long before they develop into imbalances, dysfunction, and eventual injury. Being able and agile in all directions is the goal of 99% of all athletes and non-athletes. It is our aim to help you achieve this goal. Also, no matter how physically fit you are- if you think slow you will move slow. Understanding one’s brain speed is imperative for a total mind-body approach to health and fitness. Class will include instructions and live demonstrations. Audience participation is encouraged and all questions on training will be happily addressed.

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Note: Dr. Peter Gorman discusses the significance of proprioception and how BAREFOOTSCIENCE helps from 15:54-20:25

Diabetes and Barefoot Science: Practicing Prevention

Diabetes mellitus and its complications are the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, many 1
cancers including prostate, breast and colon cancer have lower mortality rates – but a diagnosis of diabetes is
still considered less life-threatening than a diagnosis of cancer. Among the most common complications of this
chronic disease is the diabetic foot ulcer – a condition that can lead to amputation and death.

Diabetics should begin using the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ strengthening system of insoles as soon as possible and have the soft tissue, muscular rehabilitation and
alignment changes monitored by a physician.

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Dr. Michael Olden - Certified Pedorthist - On BAREFOOTSCIENCE™

To my fellow Pod people and persons that have foot related problems: I've found a product called BAREFOOTSCIENCE™. I like this product and I use it daily, both for myself, and my Podiatric patients, I personally have had foot related injuries and deficits that caused daily foot pain for years as a result of my military service, not any longer though with my BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ inserts...


Expanding the Effective Range and Readiness of the Men and Women of the U.S. Armed Forces is Crucial as Force Size is Being Reduced

White Paper by Richard C. Schnirring, PhD

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EMG Reveals Essential Role of Plantar Proprioception

The focus of my study and practice for three decades has been motor pattern adaptation: how the human motor system compensates when stressed—and how it performs optimally. I believe theories should be driven by data, so before I share any theories I’ll show you some of the data I’ve collected.

Access the full study by David Lemke NMT, sEMG Tech. - HERE

Barefoot Science Progressive Foot Strengthening Insoles: An sEMG Perspective

Highly qualified biomechanics experts are working around the clock to find new ways to resolve physiological problems and improve athletic performance. My training in Canada was in hands-on exploration of muscle and connective tissues - aimed at
reducing dysfunctional communication between someone in pain and their troubled muscles. Biomechanics was certainly part of this training - but it was secondary to learned psycho/neuro/motor behavior believed to be driving muscle dysfunction. When I needed more detailed information about muscle function I turned to kinesiological surface electromyography which had its origins in motor learning science and biofeedback. Consequently, biomechanics experts consult me because I think "outside
the box".

Access the full report by David M. Lemke, NMT, sEMG Tech. HERE

SOMA Project Report

BAREFOOTSCIENCE is Verified and Validated by the Special Operations Medical Association.

Access the SOMA Report here.

Insoles to Mazimize Proprioception, Part I

One of the main benefits about being truly barefoot is maximizing proprioception, the valuable sensorimotor information we receive from the foot/ground interface. The foot’s dense proprioceptive system plays a critical role in the activation and efficiency of muscles controlling gait, posture, and alignment.  When we introduce a layer between the sole of the foot and the ground, we add a layer of sensory insulation. So, let’s look at the role of a critically important aspect of the shoe – the insole layer, the layer that is in contact with the foot...

What is Barefoot Science?

An introduction to how BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patented, in-shoe, strengthening system works.