Correct Toes® | Aqua
Correct Toes® | Aqua

Correct Toes® | Aqua

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Correct Toes® Toe Spacers in Aqua

(Available in sizes XS-XL)

Align toes, strengthen feet, and restore the foot’s original position & function!

Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Correct Toes® are made from soft, flexible silicone and work to encourage toes back into their natural alignment, all while strengthening and restoring the foot's position & functioning. Correct Toes® can be worn barefoot or within your footwear. 

"When it comes to my functional foot restoration protocols an important goal is to create an in shoe environment that best replicates walking on a natural surface. Unfortunately in today’s world shoes are a necessary evil that can cause a plethora of foot ,body and gait related pathologies that cost our health care systems billions of dollars each year.
Along with mobilization of joints and soft tissue if required there are two products that I use to assist in the foot restoration process: Barefoot Science insoles to activate foot musculature and proprioceptors, and Correct Toes® to realign and separate toes that have been subjected to narrow toe box shoes." -
Scott Grisewood, RMT, Elite Athlete Practitioner, Biomechanical Coach, Shockwave Therapist

Please note: Correct Toes are sold as a pair, not individually

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