Barefoot Science Therapeutic 3/4 Length top and bottom of insole with inserts
3D Video of Barefoot Science Therapeutic 3/4 Length top and bottom of insole with inserts
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Therapeutic 3/4 Length

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Get the maximum benefit from this 7 step therapeutic insole. The ¾ length is ideal for shoes with non-removable insoles or if you are often switching between pairs of shoes. Also a good choice for skiing, snowboarding, and other sports footwear. 

7 Steps are included to achieve the ultimate benefits like strengthened arches, reduced muscle fatigue, improved static and dynamic balance, and relief from sore feet.

Stronger feet recover from plantar fasciitis, fallen arches or flat feet, some alignment issues, shin splints, heel spurs, weak arches, ankle, knee, hips, and back soreness.

Clothed in a 2 tone mesh anti-fungal material and contains Poron™ at the heel of the insert for excellent shock absorption and pressure reduction. Ideal for robust/heavier and high step rate occupancies.   

A great option for athletes as the 7 Steps provides the most mid-arch stimulation which has been known to reduce proprioception deficits and strengthen neuromuscular pathways between the feet and the brain improving static and dynamic balance. Most athletes use this device as a natural performance enhancer.  

Diabetics and those suffering from arthritis find relief from the increased blood flow circulation to the feet through the mid-arch stimulation and the insoles. Those who are on levels 6 and 7 have described a massaging sensation when walking.

*The 3/4-length insole is recommended ONLY for shoes WITHOUT removable insoles. For shoes with removable insoles, please view one of our full-length collection.

Sizes available

XS (Child 3.5 – 5.5 / Women 5 – 7.5), S (Men 5 – 7.5 / Women 8 – 9.5), M (Men 8 – 9.5 / Women 10 – 11.5), L (Men 10 – 11.5 / Women 12 – 13), XL (Men 12 – 13.5)


  • 7 step model
  • 2 tone mesh
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Enhanced cushioning and breathability
  • ‘Poron™’ at the front and heel for excellent shock absorbing qualities
  • Ideal for the more robust / heavier person
  • Ideal for people with Diabetes, Arthritis or individuals with high arches
  • Extra pressure-reducing layer
  • Additional stimulation to massage tense foot muscles
  • Plugs 6 and 7 are designed to withstand a heavier footfall
  • Proactive and reactive, providing relief from foot, heel, ankle, leg, knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Comes in full length and ¾ length.

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