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Our patented insoles help eliminate foot, back and body pain

There are many options on the market aimed at comforting or bracing painful, damaged feet.In contrast, there are very few options available that fix painful, damaged feet.

Barefoot Science’s patented insoles actually heal and strengthen feet so that pain is permanently eliminated.

Imagine saying goodbye to pain associated with plantar fasciitis,flat feet,fallen arches,heel pain,and other treatable conditions.Our insoles make this a reality. We’ve sold over a million insoles and the positive reviews keep flooding in.


Forget orthotics and other ‘comforting’ insoles…

What would you say to someone who told you to wear a restrictive leg or arm brace for the rest of your life?You’d say NO! Why? Because muscular weakness and atrophy would set in and you would soon lose all function in the limb.While we wouldn’t do this to our own leg or arm, some of us have been doing the very same thing to our feet since the day we took our first steps!’Good shoes’,expensive orthotics and cushy/supportive shoe insoles have deadened our foot muscles – the very muscles that we need to support and align the rest of our body.The result? Foot pain, flat feet, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain and a host of other preventable and treatable conditions.

As you probably already know, it’s not just our feet that are affected. We experience pain in our ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, necks and beyond all stemming from our feet. Orthotics, thickly cushioned shoes and standard insoles only exaggerate the existing problem. Notice how your feet start to hurt again when you try to walk without them? The truth is that you will, for the rest of your life, simply be accommodating the problem while the muscles in your feet get weaker and weaker.

The good news? We can reverse the damage and give you the healthy, strong, pain-free feet that Mother Nature intended!

How? Our products work by not only comforting your feet with a supportive insole, but by strengthening the muscles in them that have for so long been allowed to weaken and atrophy.

“Sounds great! But, how do I know if Barefoot Science insoles are right for me?”

There are a lot of companies and products that claim to be able to help your feet. We guarantee that our insoles will work to not only relieve foot, heel, knee, back and associated body pain but that they will also correct the cause of the problem. Are Barefoot Science insoles right for you? If you answer “yes” to any of the following it is very likely that our insoles will be able to fix your feet and permanently take away your foot-associated pain:

  • Do you have what seems to be ‘naturally occurring’ foot, ankle, knee, back, and shoulder or neck pain?
  • Have plantar fasciitis?
  • Are you a diabetic?
  • Do you have flat feet?
  • Do you currently wear insoles in your shoes to reduce foot pain?
  • Have you been told that you need to buy expensive orthotics or shoes?
  • Are you ready to have pain-free feet?


Buy our patented insoles now and join the hundreds of thousands worldwide that are walking and living pain free – the way Mother Nature intended!
Did we mention that they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee? If you aren’t satisfied, Barefoot Science will give you your money back.
No questions asked. Still need convincing? Discover the science behind our insoles.

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Barefoot Science Therapeutic Foot Care Insoles

Experts are saying...

"Honestly if I could bring about this kind of change with manual therapy and exercise then folks would flock to my seminars" Dave Lemke-Sports/Neuromuscular Therapy Educator

Customers are saying...

First and foremost, I am absolutely thrilled, and I mean thrilled, with your product. My problem foot has not felt this good in 25 years, and I am just astonished that your insoles could accomplish so easily what a zillion visits to 'experts' and a zillion dollars for custom orthotics could not. I admit to being a little skeptical when my wife first came across your product online (I am not usually persuaded by TV infomercial type of stuff) but the many online comments (mostly very positive) about the insoles and your own very prompt and comprehensive responses to my inquiries sold me initially, and the rest is history. My only fears going forward are either you change the design or you choose another line of work and your business closes!! Hopefully neither will happen and you enjoy continued success and prosperity.

Ken Honig