BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is an in-shoe system which brings progressive exercise to the feet while wearing shoes, replicating the positive effect of walking barefoot in the sand or grass. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ effectively addresses the cause of foot-related pain, rather than bracing the feet or accommodating the symptoms.

The insole of choice, developed into the care systems of many globally respected medical practitioners, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Olympic & Pro Athletes, Military Personnel and various people of all ages who suffer with foot to shoulder problems, directly related to a dysfunctional foundation.

What Clients Say About Us

I swear by these, after having spent so much money on custom orthopedic inserts that did nothing, barefoot science inserts are fantastic!!!! Use them as instructed and pain GONE.

Lidia Marsigliesi

I have been using the regular Therapeutic 3/4 length insole for over a year and love them. They’ve been very durable and have remedied my plantar fasciitis pain.

Jerry Acheson

After about 8 months I was far beyond back to being completely and happily active, better than ever. I can also now do sports I never was able to do before, such as skiing, since my feet can now be parallel without foot, joint, and knee pain.


This technology is brilliant. It has given me the strength and freedom to run and play in my bare feet. It's also good to see you have continued to advance and add to the technology. I'm looking forward to receiving my new pair of Therapeutic Plus full-length insoles.

Zeta Lay

Oh. My. Gosh. I experienced almost immediate pain relief. So much so I wear your inserts daily and have been much pain free ever since starting to use them a few years ago.

Donna Hoffman

When I started using Barefoot Science my feet were bothering me, I was in pain and I couldn’t walk very far. I’m not exactly sure how these insoles work but they just do. This is my second pair and I use them when I golf, hike and play pickle ball. It’s been a game changer for me. I’m back to doing the activities I enjoy.

Carla Loney-Tindall

I discovered these insoles and forgot about aching soles- TOTALLY! Even after a full day of walking or labor! I sold my foot sole massager- I never need it anymore:-)

Olga Tumanova

If you suffer from heel pain, purchase these. I have worn them for years and has literally kept me from having to see the podiatrist and those painful, awful heel injections which did not work for me the second time around.I would not trust any other brand that are made like this, Barefoot science is the best. Highly recommend them.


(Barefoot Science) has helped me tremendously over the past 12 months to manage and improve several disabling symptoms related to  previous head trauma suffered during my NHL career. Through the use of a unique system called "Barefoot Science" and "Shockwave Therapy,"  my mobility and leg spasticity has seen dramatic improvement. Thanks for all your help guys...you've made a difference!

Sheldon Kannegiesser, NHL Alumni


"With every step you take, you get a little bit of feedback, or proprioception from your foot, and you feel it! Especially when you change levels: for a few weeks you are very aware of the stimulation. That's the feedback your brain was used to having when you were running across the open plains chasing an animal. That's what we have to have. With every step, you're getting and engaging with that proprioception.

Dr. Jake Cooke
Neuro-chiropractor (MChiro, MScAPP, DACNB, FEAC.)

"I prescribed orthotics for many, many years because I didn't know of an alternative. When I came across BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️ I loved the idea of effectively training the foot from within the shoe.
It's like having a little personal trainer, sitting in your shoe. With these insoles, we can train the foot to function and work better in a really gentle way. At no point should you experience pain. Awareness, absolutely; it's about information going through the proprioceptive nervous system. Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes how we look at the world, it being a step ahead of current thinking or practice that it disrupts the conventions of an industry. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️ is an example of disruptive technology, advancing footwear and foot care industries."

Stuart Gordon
Dip Phys Ed. ITEC Sports Therapist

"I have been using BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️ Foot Strengthening Insole System to treat my patients since 2010. The clinical results are overwhelming. It’s great for patients with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat feet, pre & post hip and knee surgery to strengthen and rehabilitate. It's also great for those with poor posture, poor balance, and those who have difficulty walking, or running, or moving pain-free. The success rate is actually TOO good! I've never had a single dissatisfied patient. I believe BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️ is the future of healthy feet."

Dr. Bronwyn Cooper
Rehab & Sports Podiatrist, Consultant in Pain & Footgear, Clinical Educator

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showca"As a Podiatrist and specialist treating biomechanical issues for over 30 years, in both the public and private sectors, I have found a number of my treatment protocols challenged by an alternative, innovative approach in the treatment of some pathomechanically related musculoskeletal conditions.
I was introduced to a modern technology in foot strengthening - BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️ insoles. Principally the insole's efficacy is based on neuromuscular stimulation, proprioceptive enhancement and resultant progressive, re-posturing. This proven safe, foot empowerment system adjusts functionality in a positive way. In excess of 600 patients clinically, I have consistently observed and recorded outcomes that have been practice modifying."se your store’s happy customers.

Dr. Neil Frame
Podiatry Specialist (Biomechanics) MChS, DPodM

"I came across a device known as BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️. I knew the whole idea: take the runner, put them barefoot in sand, let them walk around for a year barefoot in sand and the sand will stimulate their mid-arch and help their proprioceptive ability. Well, how do you get that done? Most people can’t take a year off to walk barefoot in sand and say goodbye to everything else!
I met Lance Todd - CEO of BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️, and he said, “Here’s my mid-arch stimulator”. I said, "You’ve gotta be kidding me; it can’t be that simple." I started putting it on runners. I’ve never in my life seen the ability to stand on one leg with eyes closed improve so quickly. I challenge anybody out there: you think you’re a good runner?
Try BAREFOOTSCIENCE™️. I’ve never seen where it doesn’t help a runner. I’m totally amazed by it."

Dr. Peter Gorman
President of Microgate USA, Developer of heart rate monitor technology, Professor

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In today’s world, almost every step we take is with some kind of footwear. We start wearing shoes before we can even walk! Yet, our feet were designed to be bare. To achieve the barefoot effect for your feet in our “shoes required” world, you need BAREFOOTSCIENCE™.