Therapeutic ¾ Length
Barefoot Science Therapeutic 3/4 Length top and bottom of insole with inserts
3D Video of Barefoot Science Therapeutic 3/4 Length top and bottom of insole with inserts
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Therapeutic ¾ Length

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Get the maximum benefit from our 7 step, ¾ Length Therapeutic insoles! 

The complete 7 Step Strengthening System is included to achieve the ultimate benefits for your entire body:

  • Strengthened arches
  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Improved static and dynamic balance
  • Relief from sore feet and so much more!

The ¾ length is ideal for shoes with non-removable insoles or if you often find yourself switching between pairs of shoes. These ¾ insoles are also a great choice for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and other sports footwear. 

Similar to walking in sand, Barefoot Science insoles cause the 20 muscles in each of your feet to fire in a way that makes them stronger. As with any muscle group, the more they are exercised, the stronger they get. 

Clothed in a 2 tone mesh anti-fungal material and containing Poron™ at the heel of the insert - our Therapeutic model is excellent for shock absorption and pressure reduction;  which can be ideal for active lifestyles, a robust gait, and high step rate occupancies.    

Therapeutic ¾ length is an EXCELLENT choice for athletes. The Complete 7 Step Strengthening system provides the most mid-arch stimulation. Mid-arch stimulation has been known to reduce proprioception deficits and strengthen neuromuscular pathways between the feet and the brain - not only enhancing performance, but also improving static & dynamic balance and contact time. Most athletes use this in-shoe technology as a natural performance enhancer.  

Not an athlete? Diabetics and those suffering from arthritis can find relief from the increased circulation to the feet through the mid-arch stimulation and the insoles themselves. We've heard customers who are on levels 6 and 7 have describe that they feel a massaging sensation when walking with Barefoot Science.

*The 3/4-length insole is recommended ONLY for shoes WITHOUT removable insoles. For shoes with removable insoles, please view our full-length Therapeutic model.

Sizes available

XS (Child 3.5 – 5.5 / Women 5 – 7.5), S (Men 5 – 7.5 / Women 8 – 9.5), M (Men 8 – 9.5 / Women 10 – 11.5), L (Men 10 – 11.5 / Women 12 – 13), XL (Men 12 – 13.5)


  • Complete 7 Step Strengthening System of insole plugs included
  • 2 Tone Mesh Overlay
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Enhanced cushioning, support and breathability
  • ‘Poron™’ at the front and heel for provides excellent shock absorption 
  • Extra pressure-reducing layer
  • Built for use and ideal for those with a robust gait or heavier build
  • Strengthening Insole Plugs 6 and 7 esigned to withstand a heavier footfall
  • Great option for those living with Diabetes, Arthritis or individuals with high arches
  • Additional stimulation to massage tense foot muscles
  • Proactive and reactive


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