Introducing...The Born To Be Barefoot Podcast

Welcome to the Born to be Barefoot podcast, where we thrive on adventure, and strive to spread knowledge in the ways of optimal movement, balance, and longevity in activity. Your guides, Stuart Gordon and Katie Tsuyuki are dedicated to taking you on a journey of wild stories, and informative tips and knowledge from other forward-thinking trail-blazers.

Tune in each week as we meet with courageous guests like Olympic snowboarders, extreme runners, cross-country backpackers & people who enjoy an active lifestyle! You will hear stories of their most intense experiences from the wild. Learn industry secrets from field experts like medical pros and coaches to keep both you and your tribe safe and healthy; avoiding foot, body and gait-related pathologies along your journey.

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In today’s world, almost every step we take is with some kind of footwear. We start wearing shoes before we can even walk! Yet, our feet are designed to be bare.

In our podcasts, we discuss this conundrum with our guests and show you how you can create the benefits of barefoot function from within almost any shoe! On this podcast, we are dedicated to helping you enhance your natural moving abilities for lifelong activity. Our goal is to keep you on your journey without inhibitions, well down your own path! In a “shoes required” world, let this podcast be your permission to live Barefoot.

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