RUNWITHALLI LIVE Podcast - Dr. Gorman Partner With BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Explains How Our Insoles Train The Foot To Function Better Within Your Running Shoes

Dr. Gorman, partner of Microgate USA, a BAREFOOTSCIENCE™  Partner Explains How The Insoles Train Your Foot To Function Better Within Your Running Shoes

In this episode, I speak with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ partner, Dr. Gorman & Boxing Coach Juan, a BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ user about the benefits and drawbacks of the insoles.

We discuss the importance of foot stability and a firm kinetic chain for preventing future injuries for runners and how BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ insoles improve both. We cover what happens when a runner reaches the highest level in the foot strengthening system (level 7). We discuss these insoles, how to use them, when to consider using them, and why they can help you improve your running performance and prevent injuries while running and walking. Additionally, Boxing Coach Juan shares his experience using the insoles daily and his experience using the insoles.

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