Ultra Running with Jeff Browning | Going the Distance

We have the pleasure of talking to Jeff Browning today. Jeff grew up around sports in a very sports driven family, always doing stuff outside and just naturally came to love all kinds of sports, such as football, rock climbing, mountain biking, and many others. He always ran on the side and has come to really love running, doing a lot of trail running and triathlons now. Jeff is at a point now where he will do 100 mile runs, which has taken a whole lot of training, but he is now at the point where he is able to handle a lot of abuse from this kind of exercise.

What got Jeff into running 2:17

Jeff’s training 11:45

Different diets 20:40

Predators and close encounters with animals 33:06

Strength training 42:55

Get in contact with Jeff 72:20


“The backpacking trips we had taken would be like 20, 30 mile loops where you’re doing 7-8 miles a day with a giant pack on, and it sucks. You have blisters and you’re sore, and all of the sudden you could put like a couple pounds of water and a few gels in your pack and run that whole loop in a day. So that’s what really attracted me to the sport in the first place is that background in endurance that I already had, kind of putting all those different disciplines together into one sport.” 10:46