Podiatry Legends - 5.19.2021 - Bronwyn Cooper Neuromuscular Activation Orthotic Approach

Bronwyn Cooper is the owner of Dr Foot Solutions in Drummoyne, NSW. She is a pain podiatrist, a clinical educator and a consultant in clinical applications of footgear, Barefoot Science orthoses and medical laser/photobiomodulation.

Bronwyn likes to ask the question, "what if you didn’t need to keep the foot continually guided and splinted in its direction of movement. It should be about creating instability under the foot initially, resulting in stability through increased firing and strengthening of muscles."

In this episode, we discuss:

  • New Trends - Sensomotoric and Neuromuscular orthotics and why these are better? 
  • Is support of the foot killing feet?
  • What if the best orthotic is the sole of some shoes, not the in-shoe device?

If you would like to connect with Bronwyn, you can find her at Dr Foot Solutions.