Meet Our Podcasts Hosts: Katie Tsuyuki

Born to Be Barefoot Host Katie Tsuyuki

Katie Tsuyuki

Meet our Hosts! Join us today and meet Katie Tsuyuki, one of the co-hosts of the Born to Be Barefoot podcast. Not only is Katie an Olympic snowboarding alumni, she’s an avid outdoor adventure seeker. Tune in as Katie talks about her sporting background, how her injuries led working with barefoot trainers and sports scientists, and how her journey has influenced her current path in life. These days, Katie lives in New Zealand with her husband & son. In between spending time in the mountains & the ocean, she makes time to host the Born to Be Barefoot podcast and share her expertise with our listeners!


Katie Tsuyuki made her debut as an Olympic Snowboarder at Vancouver 2010 as an alternate and forerunner. She went on to compete at Sochi in 2014 where she was top Canadian and 13th in the world.

Tsuyuki is a four-time medallist at the Canadian championships, including two gold medal runs in 2006 and 2017.

Public speaker, snowboard enthusiast and an avid outdoorswoman, Katie and her family currently reside in New Zealand – when they’re not jet-setting around the world to find adventure together. You can often find Katie snowboarding, skateboarding, running (sometimes backwards), hiking, surfing, water-skiing and more alongside her husband and son.

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