BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Found Helpful For Bunions

Problems can range in difficulty from finding proper fitting shoes (people with bunions might often buy larger sizes ...

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Helping Hammer Toes

Symptoms of hammer toe can include a curling toe; pain or discomfort in the toes and ball of the foot or on the front...

Healing Heel Spurs

Heel spurs themselves do not cause pain but rather the soft tissue injuries associated with them. People suffering wi...

Hospital Testing Shows Impressive Results

The significant statistics compiled from this study demonstrated clinical declines in pain for the feet (73% of parti...

Addressing Lower Back and Knee Pain

Both knee and back pain can be debilitating making daily activities like walking sometimes intolerable and can lead t...

Pain Relief from the Ground Up

Your feet are more important than you think. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ is the world’s first in-shoe non-orthotic strengthenin...

Dr. Peter Gorman and the 4YourGait Program

Through enhanced proprioceptive stimulus in the feet and simple brain or cognitive training, the body will learn how ...

Press Release: Barefoot Science & Microgate Partnership

Barefoot Science and Microgate U.S.A. have officially announced a collaboration between the two companies. Barefoot S...
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