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Below you'll find a collection of videos that will take you through the basics of our innovative insole technology. We recommend watching these videos in the order they appear appear on page.

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How Does It Work?

Learn the science behind the BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Strengthening Insole System
What's in the box?

What's included in a standard BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ box?

Understanding the System

How Often Do I Wear Them?

Explaining wear and use to your clients

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Hip, Knee and Back Pain

How does the Barefoot Science Strengthening System help clients suffering from hip, knee and/or back pain?

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How does Barefoot Science Help Me Athletically?

Our strengthening system of insoles and how they assist an active lifestyle

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Understanding the Levels

Leveling Up

The video series below goes through the common questions we encounter about the 7 Levels of the Barefoot Strengthening Insole System

What do the levels really do?

Understanding the levels of our strengthening system

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When to adjust or change levels?

Understanding when to move between the different levels of the system.

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Do we stop at Level 7?

Understanding what happens when a client reaches level 7. Often we hear "Can I stop wearing Barefoot Science at Level 7?"

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Common Questions

Below is a series of videos that address more commonly asked questions when it comes to using BAREFOOTSCIENCE™

Which Insole Length?

Should you select a 3/4 or full length insole?

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Between Sizes?

What should you do if a client is between sizes?

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Trimmed to Fit

How do you trim the full length insoles to match a client's shoe?

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