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Poor Circulation & Cold Feet

If you have poor circulation or cold feet, consider this: By wearing thick shoes and walking on hard, flat surfaces, ...

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Helps Tend to Tendonitis

Preventative measures can be taken such as: proper stretching of the calf muscles (both before and after a workout) t...

Facing Flat Feet with BAREFOOTSCIENCE™

Flat foot is typically the result of the arches not developing during childhood however it can also occur after an in...

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ and Metatarsalgia

Pain and inflammation at the ball of the foot (known as the metatarsal) is referred to as metatarsalgia. Symptoms typ...

BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ Found Helpful For Bunions

Problems can range in difficulty from finding proper fitting shoes (people with bunions might often buy larger sizes ...

Healing Heel Spurs

Heel spurs themselves do not cause pain but rather the soft tissue injuries associated with them. People suffering wi...

Addressing Lower Back and Knee Pain

Both knee and back pain can be debilitating making daily activities like walking sometimes intolerable and can lead t...
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