Running is for EVERY Body - Mirna Valerio Joins the Born to Be Barefoot Podcast

We're back again! This week our hosts at the Born to Be Barefoot Podcast sit down with Ultra Runner, Author & Adventurer - Mirna Valerio. 

This week's episode will be available on October 5th. It's one of our favorites from the season, and you'll soon hear why:

“We as humans react to things that are not in our experience, that we have not yet experienced, or a frame of reference for. So that’s what the criticism is about, and all of the learning we’ve done about what nutrition is and the fact that you run so much, ‘Why aren’t you thin?’ That’s a huge question that people have and I think that is what bothers people.”

- Mirna Valerio 


Learn more about Mirna's journey HERE, and while you're at it, don't forget to add her memoir A Beautiful Work in Progress to your must read list!

Mirna Valerio - The Mirnavator on Born to Be Barefoot

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