High Endurance with Brian Wood | 35 marathons in 35 days

We’re delighted to have on Brian Wood who is a holder of the military cross for various acts of gallantry in the Iraq conflict and who decided on his return to the UK that he wanted to raise money for military veterans who have struggled with life after the forces. Brian’s way of helping with this is to run a lot and regularly, and to run a lot of marathons. This year he has completed 35 marathons in 35 days. We discuss his diet, his training regimen, the people who supported him, and his routine of running and preparation he has followed to get to where he is now.

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Why he’s running these marathons 1:29

The first prep wasn’t that great 6:05

Two different start locations and giving back 16:11

Eating and diet 22:33

Fasting now that running is less 33:19

Resilience in the army and working hard 36:25

Get a hold of or follow Brian 40:45

Did the insoles help? 51:55

“I just had to focus and knuckle down, put my music on, and just yeah I rolled out the miles. That’s what it was, I never ever looked at that 35 days…but I took each day as it came and each mile as it came and I didn’t ever look at the sort of challenge as a whole. I just looked at each day, and then took it from there.” 13:44