Best Methods for Assisting Athletes with Scott Grisewood | Athletic Training Techniques

Today we had the privilege to interview our amazing guest, Scott Grisewood, who is a very knowledgeable sport science technologist that has been in the bio performance game for the last 28 years. Initially specializing in fascial release and biomechanical coaching, Scott has become North America’s most experienced shockwave therapy practitioner with over 50 million shocks delivered to date. Many athletes out there will be performing at the highest levels in the world, but their technique or movement methods aren’t always the best and often are the cause for future injuries, which is where Scott comes in to help them improve their technique.

Helping his guys reach their performance goals 3:11

Load response and pre swing 10:24

How someone can perform at the top level, yet still have so many problems 16:28

Concussions 23:57

Testing 32:07

Working on the OptoGait system 38:00

Live time neuromuscular feedback 39:40

Working with powerlifters 46:42

Taking things to a higher level with combat athletes 54:48

Concussions 57:51

“Luckily we’re getting into an era in time where that doesn’t have to be the way going forward, especially when we get our hands on the younger kids as they’re growing up and we get them balanced out going forward, and my hope is that we’ll start seeing better and better performances once we start working with the younger crowd and they grow up.” 17:44