Barefoot Training with Jeff Stapleton | Believe and Achieve

We have an awesome guest in this episode today by the name of Jeff Stapleton, who is a barefoot lifetime runner, lifetime sports coach with a fantastic background in fitness and training, and he has some great stories to tell us. Jeff and Katie have known each other for a while now, he being her snowboarding trainer for the olympics and helped train her as an olympian. Jeff came from an athletic background and got his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at Western in London, Ontario, Canada.

Katie’s concussion 4:01

Switching on the bottom of the foot 6:50

Training tennis players, or people who can’t be barefoot 12:58

Injuries you can’t resolve barefoot 21:13

Letting the training keep you calm 28:21

Cognitive training 32:45

Fight or flight reflex 46:03

The squat scoot 52:18

“You end up with kids who come to me and I can see their confidence levels have been torn down quite a bit. So it’s more about building back up their confidence, and again the ‘Believe and achieve.’ I just keep coming back to that phrase, and then build them up gradually by having them succeed when they fail.” 37:06