The Second Screen: Neuromuscular Re-education in Real Time

If data from the gait report indicates a need for improvement in a certain parameter, you can move to the 2nd screen for neuromuscular re-education. While walking at a certain speed, select the parameter you wish to improve and watch the differential change in real time with each step. The goal here is to make minor gait adjustments as you walk to make the differential go to zero. Over time, your brain and neuromuscular pathways will slowly make adjustments and reeducate themselves on how to walk most efficiently, and this low-differential walk will become your norm.

Below we are retraining a young man’s cognitive aspect of movement. In five minutes he was able to bring all of his gait and balance parameters to under 5% of asymmetry or to the green zone. Whether you are ten or seventy the results are the same. Tune the brain as everything is about “Think and Move” Fine tune the shoe , enhance the proprioception with Barefoot Science and call it a great day.

100% of people would benefit from this program.