Healing Metatarsalgia with Barefoot Science

 Do you suffer from metatarsalgia?

Pain in the foot

Last updated June 2022 

Inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot (known as the metatarsal) is often referred to as metatarsalgia. This type of foot condition is most prevalent in people with an active lifestyle - those who participate in sports or activities that involve running or jumping.

Ill-fitting shoes can also be a cause of metatarsalgia.

Symptoms typically associated with metatarsalgia are:

  • sharp, aching or burning pain in the ball of the foot (the part of the sole just behind the toes);
  • pain that worsens when standing, walking, running or flexing the feet;
  • sharp or shooting pain, numbness or tingling in the toes; and the feeling of having a pebble in your shoe.

These symptoms can be brought on by a number of different factors including:

  • intense training or activity related to a high impact sport (runners are extremely vulnerable to this condition);
  • having a high arch (which puts extra pressure on the metatarsals);
  • foot deformities such as hammertoe and bunions;
  • excess body weight which puts increased pressure on the metatarsals
  • poorly fitted shoes (such as heels or shoes with narrow toes, or shoes that aren’t well padded);
  • suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout.

Remedy the pain with a functional solution - Barefoot Science. Our patented, strengthening system offers the best insoles for metatarsalgia.

As the ONLY in-shoe progressive, strengthening system of it's kind, Barefoot Science insoles feature a dome contour that can help to open up the affected area of the foot. This is done through gentle pressure and gradual restoration of the 20 small muscles in the foot that are activating while using the insoles.

Additional Remedies to aid the pain of metatarsalgia include:

  • resting and elevating the feet after prolonged periods of standing or walking;
  • icing the affected area;
  • taking anti-inflammatory medication;
  • the use of arch supports or metatarsal pads

The BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ System encourages the foot to work - increasing circulation and making the muscles stronger. The insoles also comfortably assist with shock absorption, and provide arch support - all the while helping to relieve pain and minimize problems caused by metatarsalgia.