Taking the Right Steps with Dr. Erson Religioso

“If you did a lot of gardening, and then you did a huge kettlebell workout where you’re doing a bunch of swings, or a lot of dead lifts - you’re essentially doing a lot of forward bending, a lot of spinal unloading...Then you went and you binged on the latest Netflix  show and you watched like 3 hours of that. You essentially just never did enough upright, you never did enough of the opposite. That’s when the cup overflows.”

Dr. Erson Religioso III of Modern Manual Therapy, and Edge Rehab and Sports Science joins the Born to Be Barefoot crew for this week's new episode! A little background on this week's guest: 

"Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CertMST, CNPT, FAAOMPT, is a fellowship trained cash based PT practice owner, entrepreneur, blogger, and sought after lecturer in the topic of Modern Manual Therapy. He has a #CashPT Practice in the Buffalo, NY area, EDGE Rehab and Sport Science, where he specializes in TMD, headaches, spinal care, runners, gymnasts, and chronic pain. His focus is seeing the patient as little as possible, and empowering them with education, self assessment and treatment strategies."


Highlights from this week's episode: 

  • Erson's background 2:08
  • Making things about the approach and not the tool 6:41
  • Exceeding bodily capacity 8:52
  • Hardcore barefoot running 22:24
  • Corrective techniques 31:34
  • Proper shoes and learning to move properly 42:49
  • Shoe testing 53:43
  • Follow Dr.E 59:12

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