Getting You Back into Balance with Rae Reynolds | Connect with Yourself

Rae Reynolds has some unique wisdom to share, and we hope you will enjoy this episode!

This episode will be available on November 9, 2022. 

“One of the simplest things that you can do is listen to your own breath. If you can’t get outside, and that’s part of what meditating is is connecting to your own breath. So when you’re walking, when you’re doing whatever, if you can’t get outside because some people I’m sure are in places that they cannot, listen to your own breath. If it’s laboured, if it’s shallow, breathe deeper.” 29:58

Our guest on this episode is named Rae Reynolds and largely we’re talking about people achieving all sorts of things in endurance athletics, adventuring, and all sorts of different sports and activities. Of course for every one of those people that achieve something in their sport or activity, there’s somebody in the background who’s helping them achieve that, whether it’s a coach or a doctor, or in Rae’s case, massage and shockwave therapy, and other esoteric therapies. Rae puts everybody back into balance and gets people back to normal when life and sports are just throwing them off in the various ways that life and sports do.

What she does 1:14

Her average working day 8:16

Energy work 14:00

Ancient therapies and connecting with yourself 22:53

Listen to your own breath and meditate 29:57