To achieve the barefoot effect for your feet in our “shoes required” world, you need BAREFOOTSCIENCE™.


Our recommended model, especially for athletes and diabetics. Includes Poron™ material and Celliant™ coating for increased circulation. Full length model.



Our most popular model. Includes all 7-steps with highest quality Poron™ material for added comfort. Available in full length and 3/4 length.

$119.95 - $124.95


A 6-level insole with EVA™ material included, recommended for everyday use. Available in full length and 3/4 length.

$99.95 - $104.95


The insole of choice, developed into the care systems of many globally respected medical practitioners, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Olympic & Pro Athletes, Military Personnel and various people of all ages who suffer with foot to shoulder problems, directly related to a dysfunctional foundation. 

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THE BAREFOOt solution

All BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ patents are focused on bringing progressive exercise to the feet while wearing shoes, replicating the positive effect of walking barefoot in the sand or grass. BAREFOOTSCIENCE™ effectively addresses the cause of the foot related problems, rather than simply accommodating the symptoms.  

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Easy to Use

The product is simple and straightforward - put them into your shoes and they begin to work.

Transition and Use

One Step at a Time

Unlike orthoses, there is virtually no accomodation period. Non dependency makes it the safer option. 

The Right Fit

For Everyday Living

Fit into any sensible footwear allowing for continual wear, although it isn't essential. 


Addressing the Cause

Encourages foot strengthening, leading to the transition back to walking barefoot or with minimal footwear.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

It's time you experienced what pain free living is all about!



Hospital Testing Shows Impressive Results

The significant statistics compiled from this study demonstrated clinical declines in pain for the feet (73% of parti...

Addressing Lower Back and Knee Pain

Both knee and back pain can be debilitating making daily activities like walking sometimes intolerable and can lead t...
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