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Pain Relief from the Ground Up

Your feet are more important than you think. Barefoot Science is the world’s first in-shoe non-orthotic strengthening system, which provides a progressive solution for foot, leg, knee, hip, back, and shoulder pain.


People from all walks of life love Barefoot Science.  From pro and Olympic-athletes to ER Nurses to Special forces military personnel, to a million and a half ordinary people looking to enjoy pain-free mobility, Barefoot Science customers agree: Barefoot Science insoles relieved pain and improved athletic performance!

Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening Insoles are ideal for those with:

  • Flat feet
  • Tired, sore or aching feet
  • Shoulder pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Back, knee or hip pain
  • Arthritis
  • Bunions and other age-associated foot conditions
  • Diabetes

Whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, you can see a dramatic improvement in walking and running gait, stability, pain relief and performance.


How Barefoot Science Works

Everything from balance, stability, movement and musculoskeletal alignment begins with the feet.  Atrophied muscles are directly related to flat feet, overpronation, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, shin splints, bunions, heel spurs, foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower and upper back, shoulder pain, arthritis and diabetic limb amputation.  Because Barefoot Science activates/triggers the foot muscles with each and every step, naturally building /builds strength over time, improving these conditions.

With its’ patented dome shape, Barefoot Science progressively activates muscles in the soles of the feet and legs, stimulating contractions that strengthen and elevate the arch of the foot.  A heightened arch more easily handles the stresses of body weight and movement.  Barefoot Science builds strength, treating the root cause of foot, knee, hip and back pain, and prevents further injury. The foot and legs become self sufficient no longer needing to rely on thick rigid device loaded shoes and orthotics to function.

Forget everything you thought you knew about foot care.  Traditional shoes and orthotics, weaken the foot with each and every step.  With Barefoot Science, you can build strength, just as if you were walking the way nature intended: barefoot!

Trust the Science Behind Barefoot Science

The Science behind Barefoot Science is not new, and it’s certainly not a secret.  Barefoot Science is a product with a 20-year proven track record of helping not just athletes but anyone who walks.

“This product makes sense not only for minimalist runners, but for the entire shoe wearing population.” Dr. Mark Cucuzzella MD and natural running expert.

“These insoles help so many people with such a variety of complaints – not just because they align posture or provide cushioning and support for feet (like orthotics) – but because they activate the plantar musculature and foot bed proprioception which I believe it literally completes the upright posture circuit and brings about posture without effort!” David M. Lemke, NMT, sEMG.

“I recommend this product, and I am not just a practice of one, I work with Dr Karen Brooks, a Podiatrist, we tag team on every Veteran that enters our offices for Podiatric services, she too has over 25 years’ experience in Podiatry Practice and is also very happy with the results of this innovative design and the multiple uses of this barefoot Science rehabilitative and preventative shoe insert to help our Podiatric patients/Veterans.” Michael P.Olden, H.t; Ost; C-Ped; Pmac. Department of Veterans Affairs American Board for Certifications in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics.

“Fascinating how quickly the accommodation process is if given the right information.  Everyone needs your system.” Dr. Peter Gorman.  Read More


Sport is NOT the Enemy – Dr. Peter Gorman and Dr. Anne Shadle

The Sole of the Matter – Dr. Peter Gorman and Dr. Anne Shadle


Buy our patented insoles now and join the hundreds of thousands worldwide that are walking and living pain free – the way Mother Nature intended!
Did we mention that they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee? If you aren’t satisfied, Barefoot Science will give you your money back.
No questions asked. Still need convincing? Discover the science behind our insoles.

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Barefoot Science Therapeutic Foot Care Insoles

Experts are saying...

Barefoot Science insoles are the best I have ever come across including a $500 pair I have from a foot doctor. I think I originally saw them on an infomercial either on line or on TV. I have them in every pair of shoes and sneakers I own. They have improved my overall arch health dramatically since I began using them. They also last a long time as you can see from the time I placed my last order for 5 in 2010. Hopefully the company continues offering this great product in the future. Thanks again for your help.

William Westberg, Specialty Division Account Executive, Division of LFUSA

Customers are saying...

First and foremost, I am absolutely thrilled, and I mean thrilled, with your product. My problem foot has not felt this good in 25 years, and I am just astonished that your insoles could accomplish so easily what a zillion visits to 'experts' and a zillion dollars for custom orthotics could not. I admit to being a little skeptical when my wife first came across your product online (I am not usually persuaded by TV infomercial type of stuff) but the many online comments (mostly very positive) about the insoles and your own very prompt and comprehensive responses to my inquiries sold me initially, and the rest is history. My only fears going forward are either you change the design or you choose another line of work and your business closes!! Hopefully neither will happen and you enjoy continued success and prosperity.

Ken Honig