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About Barefoot Science

While you may not have heard about Barefoot Science, it is not a new company. Rather, this proven Foot Strengthening System has been helping people move better for more than 20 years, and the science continues to grow.

Already adopted into practices of MDs, Chiropractors, RMT’s, Physiotherapists, Coaches and other professionals, Barefoot Science has recently been adopted into the UK’s National Health Service Innovation Program, now offered as the preferred alternative to traditional bracing and orthotics solutions.

Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening Insoles can be found in use by pro sports teams, 50% of pro golfers, 40 members of the U.S. Olympic track team including Will Clay, and Nick Symonds, and by FIFA trainer, Roger Spry.

Barefoot Science continues to educate and inform and to provide solutions that get to the root of foot and body pain, and improve overall fitness and athletic performance.

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Barefoot Science Therapeutic Foot Care Insoles

Experts are saying...

Barefoot Science insoles are the best I have ever come across including a $500 pair I have from a foot doctor. I think I originally saw them on an infomercial either on line or on TV. I have them in every pair of shoes and sneakers I own. They have improved my overall arch health dramatically since I began using them. They also last a long time as you can see from the time I placed my last order for 5 in 2010. Hopefully the company continues offering this great product in the future. Thanks again for your help.

William Westberg, Specialty Division Account Executive, Division of LFUSA

Customers are saying...

First and foremost, I am absolutely thrilled, and I mean thrilled, with your product. My problem foot has not felt this good in 25 years, and I am just astonished that your insoles could accomplish so easily what a zillion visits to 'experts' and a zillion dollars for custom orthotics could not. I admit to being a little skeptical when my wife first came across your product online (I am not usually persuaded by TV infomercial type of stuff) but the many online comments (mostly very positive) about the insoles and your own very prompt and comprehensive responses to my inquiries sold me initially, and the rest is history. My only fears going forward are either you change the design or you choose another line of work and your business closes!! Hopefully neither will happen and you enjoy continued success and prosperity.

Ken Honig